Friday, October 31, 2008


I believe that God has an infinite capacity and desire to bless us in his own timing, when we are in living in His will and when we are ready (ready in the sense of being able to appreciate, comprehend, handle the blessing). Among other topics I hope to relate some of my experiences, times when I have been on more or less on track and when I've been just getting in God's way. As I look back on my life from a vantage of almost half a century I can see many times where God nudged me gently trying to get me out of the way, or lead me in a better direction. There were career nudges, relationship nudges, health nudges, all kinds of nudges, some I actually paid attention to.... Sometimes there was a less gentle nudge and others times He decided that the only way I would learn was to let me run my own life and reap the consequences, remember that Sunday School lesson about sowing and reaping? It was true....

Today I'm living in amazement at the recent blessing of God having brought me together with my soul mate, Lucia, after what seemed an eternity of struggling in mismatched relationships or living for years at a time without a companion. He used our sons to introduce us to each other, to teach us about how each of us dealt with people and life, to show us how important those characteristics are to each other. Neither of us pursued the other, both were drawn over the course of our sons' friendship which grew into a good friendship of our own. As time went by some doors were closed to us and eventually the door to love was opened. Had we met when we were younger we would not have been right for each other, each needed to grow, to mature, to learn who we were and what we needed in life. We needed to learn to walk alone before we could savor our walk together. Now that we are in a time of our lives when we can truly appreciate each other, here we are and I'm once again saying that God is good, all of the time.

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Shirley said...

Blessings rain down on a union designed by God. Finally, your patience and obedience to God have been rewarded by your provision of a soulmate. I know you guys will find much joy in a marriage that is founded in Christ as well as love and devotion to each other.